My whiskysamples

I started with whisky in the mid '90's and have been enjoying whisky ever since. Just love opening bottles, trying them and sharing them. I currently have over 700 different whiskies open. All are kept in good conditions. I have a very nice SM-cellar (Single Malt, what else...) which makes sure that there's a quite consistent temperature and no sunlighth on the bottles.
Allmost all my bottles are available for sharing. I try to keep the prices fair, but if you see something weird, please let me know. Price is based on the value of the bottle divided by 6 (for 10 cl). You're very welcome to come over and bring your own sample bottles. Alternativly I can provide them for you at 50 cents per bottle.
I try to keep the list updated as well as aI can. But it can happen that something isn't available anymore. Most likely because I drunk it and forgot to remove it from the list.

You can find the list of available samples here: mywhiskysamples.

In the second tab you can see when they were added to the collection. Which is usually also when they are openend.In the third tab an overview of what I currently have open in the cellar. Could be that you'll find some botttles there that are not in my sample list. If you would like a sample of one of those, please just contact me.

Ordering is simple: just send me a list of the samples you would like and where I need to send them to. My mail adress is in the list. I'll check if they're all available and get back to you with a total price including shipping. Money can be transfered by bank transfer.

Share & enjoy!


As of 13 November 2020 I am not able to offer any samples of official bottles of Ardbeg and Glenmorangie.
It has been forbidden to do so by the lawyer of LVMH.